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It's time to start Moving! Our Energetic and fun Dance lessons are designed to help our students become incredible dancers, all while helping them be more outgoing, confident, and disciplined. Our instructors work on techniques, strength, balance, movement, and most importantly performing! Our instructors are highly qualified and experts at working with Children, Teens, and Adults. 

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Glendora Music and Arts School offers the following dance programs:

Hip - Hop

Hip - Hop is today's most popular dance style found in most commercial dance industry! Our hip hop class teaches our students how to master this creative and difficult urban dance style. Our instructors choreograph both beginning and advanced hip hop routines for students of all ages! Start your Hip Hip lessons today! 


Jazz is a must know for all serious dancers! Rooted in African Dance, it is a mixture of fast paced ballet and and commercial dancing used in musical theater and commercial dance industry. We recommend jazz lessons to all of our beginner students in order to start getting more comfortable with their movement and flexibility. Our instructors teach various styles of Jazz such as: Jazz Funk, Theater Jazz. Commercial Jazz, Classical Jazz, and much more!


Ballet, the essential dance style for all dancers. Ballet helps dancers establish great technique, posture, and muscle development. Ballet is very important for performers looking to participate in musical theater as well as Jazz. 

Why choose us?

Our school prioritizes the comfort level of our students and parents and for that reason, we have a built a community of positive and encouraging students who support each other at all time! At our school, there is no jealousy, competition, envy, or hostility between our students. Our culture and vibe is very friendly, positive, and professional. WE SAY NO YO BULLYING OR "CLIQUES" IN OUR SCHOOL!

The group dance lessons are made up of no more than 8 dance students. This is to ensure that all of our students receive the same amount of attention and help from their dance instructors, unlike other schools where they are jam packed and some kids cannot even see their instructor!. We make sure that all of our students are involved and not left behind!

Our facilities are comfortable and clean which makes the wait for our students and parents very comfortable as well as exciting because of our Green Room: our student's and parents arcade and hangout room with games such as pac man, space invaders, a selfie station, a mini stage and much more!

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition is based on the number of classes the student takes per week

Drop In Class


Monthly tuition for 1 class per week


Monthly tuition for 2 classes per Week


Monthly tuition for Unlimited classes/ week


We Accept All major credit Cards! There is an annual registration fee of $25.

Start your dance lessons now with Glendora Music and Arts School and be rewarded with life long friendships and experiences that will impact your life positively :)

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