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Winter Recital 2023

We are SO excited for our 2023 Winter Recital Sunday January 15th. Below is all of the info you will need as well as your performers Recital time. 

Althrough our Recital is from 12 pm to 8 pm, you do not have to be present the entire time, you only need to be present at the designated recital time that we give you. Our recital show times will be 1 hr long each with around 10 to 15 students within each recital. More info and details below.

12 PM

  1. Audrey Geller

  2. Skylar Watson 

  3. Lucas Latorre 

  4. Joaquin Ramirez 

  5. Ezekiel Ramirez 

  6. Ethan Calinao 

  7. Ahaana Shah 

  8. Mateo Ramos 

  9. Michaela Morgan 

  10.  Jaxon Diaz 

  11.  Bryson Agcoaoili 

  12.  Isaac Villanueva 

  13. Delilah Ain 

  14. Eliana Aguilar 

  15. Jesse Zhen 

  16.  Alexa Carillo 

1 PM

  1. Addison Cook 

  2.  Petey Bunsongtsikoul 

  3.  Charlie Kaing 

  4.  Caitlin Kaing 

  5.  Jazmine Perez 

  6.  Isabella Datinguinoo 

  7.  Zechariah Siregar 

  8.  Leah Ruiz 

  9.  Megan Ruiz 

  10.  Olivia Najar 

  11.  Madison Navarro 

  12.  Eden Santander 

  13.  Jadon Pak 

  14.  Emily Montiglio 

  15.  Wyatt Witte 

16. David Henderson



  1. Arokia Jesuraj 

  2.  Caleb Benjamin Castr

  3.  Andrew Ly 

  4.  Bailey Le 

  5.  Zoe Olivares 

  6.  Maia Contreras 

  7.  Nela Contreras 

  8.  Noah Freeman 

  9.  Brody Freeman 

  10.  Chanel 

  11.  Seth Gonzales 

  12.  Felicity Gonzales 

  13.  Jaylyn Gonzalez 

  14.  Lindsay White

  15.  Ruby Smith 

  16. Julianna Vazquez 


  1. Miranda Chavarin 

  2.  Kenza Mzoughi 

  3.  Nathan Villafuerte 

  4.  Casen Mendoza 

  5.  Cooper Mendoza 

  6.  Maximus Gonzalez

  7.  Valen Franks 

  8.  Madrid Moreno

  9.  Petey Bunsonssikul 

  10.  Jaden Bacab

  11.  Gianna Vakharia 

  12.  Syla Chaikhouni 

  13.  Jacob Camacho 

  14.  Mia Cervantes 

  15.  Kaysun Lara 

  16.  David Henderson 

4 pm

Jared Villalobos

Elyce Villalobos

allen cano

zeno egan

Madeline Moreno

aria Austin

Brianna Austin

Nevaeh Callhoun

Benjamin Tsai

Andrew Tsai

sophia aguilar

Rosemary Estrada

Antonio Estrada

emma halstead

Emmett Paz

costas battino

Xavier Ramirez

daniella contreras

5 pm

Jon Myko

brody rycroft

aaron busbee

Zaylor Rodriguez

Charlotte Haddad

Olive Santos

Melody Bernal

Camila Cho

Madelyn Pierce

Janine gutierrez

Keziah Neal

Selah Neal

Nirvana Casarrubias

Anthony Hernandez

sophia aikens

Lyvia Nicole

Kaylee Salazar

Jaxon Perez

6 pm

Rylan Wang

Joy Persons

KaitlIn Persons

Norah Ninofranco

luli pena

Catherine Villa

Isaiah Ortiz

Esther Ortiz

Dania Noyola

fatima Baahena

Breanna Ospina

Sienna Berment

Dax Bernstein

Surveen Singh

Lauren Muniz

Aaron Muniz

Ayush Rajmachikar

Isabella Lytle

Macy Richards

7 pm

  1. Paolo Agostini 

  2. James Smith 

  3.  Andrew Duff 

  4.  Rebeka Leilani Ontiveros 

  5.  Aubri Leia Ontiveros 

  6.  Sonia Lorelai Ontiveros 

  7.  Layla Lopez 

  8.  Vivienne Mendez 

  9. Danielle Fuentes 

  10. Gabriel Munoz 

  11. Ellie Gregory 

  12. Ella Kurben 

  13. Riley Dugan 

  14. Leo Avila 

  15. -Joshua Tapia 

  16. -Jacob Tapia 


Drop OFF/Pick up location and time

Location: 201 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

Please drop of the performer 30 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR SHOW TIME. Ex: If youre recital is at 1 pm. please arrive at 12:30 pm the latest.  This gives our staff enough time to check in students and line tham up back stage.


 PICK UP: will be at the same location as drop off. Performers must stay the entire duration of their Recital hour. 


Please make sure you CARPOOL if you can to save parking space.

There are two parking lots outside of our performance venue at the San Dimas City Hall. There is also street parking. 

Attiree/ Theme

Please have your perfofmer come in stage ready! This is their big STAGE DEBUT! 


Location: 201 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

GUEST: each performer is allowed a maximum of 8 guests!

The kids will prepare their show the next week with their instructor and be ready to rock and roll the day of the recital! This is a low pressure performance, no need to feel like you need to have a grammy winning performance ready. Each recital is an hour long and they are back to back. Your kids need to be dropped off AT LEAST 30 minutes before their show time! If you have any questions, please ask us this week when you come into class as we are getting SO MANY text messages right now! Thank you for understanding!

Audience Seating

There will be audience seating style chairs set up for you and your guest. Simply some in ready to enjoy! 

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