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You can continue learning form Ilka or Gabe OR learn from our other AWESOME teachers: Angelo, Clif, Abby, Jessica, Brenna, Marcelo, Gabriel. Iana or vision!

Glendora Music and Arts School is taking over in person music lessons at the Glendora Village location

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     AWESOME TEACHERS: Ilka or Gabe can STILL be your teachers! 

     SAME AWESOME LOCATION you were already used to!


     MORE Available lesson times


Limited time offer of:

$135 per month 

*This deal expires in April.

*Upon filling out this form I (Luis Cordova- Director) will personally call or text you to explain all of the details, how our billing works, and introduce myself. Everything will remain the same, our monthly payments are just a lower price.

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Just fill out form above to save your spot with your teacher!!