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*If you wish to take care of this step after I reach out and introduce myself, we totally understand! Just like JHMA, we process our monthly payment of $135 with a debit or credit card automatically on the 1st of the month. Input your card details below and we will add your card to our April 1st cycle. Upon doing so, Tracee will remove you from their billing cycle. THIS IS NOT A TRANSACTION AND YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED!

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Debit/Credit Card info

Common Questions

Will Gabe/Ilka still be my teacher?

Yes! If you are learning from the awesome Ms. Ilka, she will still be your teacher. If you are learning from the rock star Mr. Gabe, he will still be your teacher. They are both current teachers for Glendora Music and Arts School.

Will lessons be at the same location?

GMAAS (Glendora Music and Arts School) will be taking over the JHMA location in the Glendora Village, so YES! Same place, same time.

Will my lessons be at the same time?

Your music class will be the same time and day as you are used to, unless you wish to change it. We will have more available times.

What is the cost and how does billing work?

Our music school is Glendora's biggest music school in prime Glendora Village, but we also pride ourselves in being the most affordable at only $135 per month.

All of our music lessons are priced at an average of $30 per private 30 minute music lesson. We operate on a yearly calendar, however you have the benefit of only being on a monthly agreement. 

Our monthly tuition with weekly lessons included, 2 free recitals, certificates and trophies or achievement, and student events which comes out to only $135 per month with all of the above included.

Just like John Henny Music Academy, we bill our students automatically monthly with a debit or credit card.

Is there a contract?

There are no long term contracts. Our agreements are month to month

This is all to good to be true?

We are John and Tracee approved! We love them. John and Tracee have been working with us the last month to ensure an easy transition. If you have any questions, please reach to Tracee. You can also reach me at (909) 374 - 2856.

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Welcome Back!