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*Our team will contact you within 2 hours of completing this form to finalize your registration.
You will be paying a $15 deposit during this registration. This deposit is to reserve your spot with our school as we do have limited spots. This deposit will be credited to your first month's tuition. 
Your first month's tuition total with our  Free registration and $50 off your first month deal will be $75 ($125 - $50) . The remaining balance after your $15 deposit will be paid when you come in for your first lesson. The remaining balance after your deposit has been paid will be $60 ($75 - $15).
The remaining paperwork in our registration will be filled out in person during your first lesson. This will include:
- School Policy (we are month to month school, you will not sign a long term contract)
Picture Authorization form (optional)
Payment Authorization Form

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