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5 Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Join Our Choir Program

Singing is an activity that many children find joy in and can be expressive, powerful, and entertaining. Singing allows children to improve their vocal skills and develop a sense of rhythm.

In a choir program, children can learn how to harmonize and sing together as a team. The choir program at our music school in Glendora, CA, is designed to harness your child's love of singing.

Keep reading to learn why enrolling your child in our choir program is a good idea.

Hones Musical Techniques

Enrolling your child in our choir program can help them develop essential musical techniques such as breath control, tone production, and sight-reading. Through regular practice and instruction from experienced vocal coaches, your child will have the opportunity to master these techniques at an early age.

Not only do these skills enhance their singing abilities, but they also transfer over to other areas of music and performing arts. Breath control, for example, is crucial for any musician playing wind instruments or even actors who need to project their voice on stage.

Boosts Academic Performance

Participating in a choir can also give your child an academic edge. Research shows that children involved in choir tend to have stronger reading, math, and language skills. These students often have higher IQ scores as well.

When your child learns to read music, they are also practicing how to recognize patterns and solve problems, which can help them with math. Singing in a choir requires understanding the lyrics and music, which can improve reading skills and expand vocabulary. The choir program at our music school in Glendora, CA, supports your child's academic growth and musical development.

Develops Stage Presence

Stage presence is a crucial skill developed through participation in our choir program. Regular performances give children the platform to face an audience and sing confidently, which is instrumental in overcoming any fears associated with public speaking.

This exposure empowers children to become more comfortable and assertive when in the spotlight. This trait will benefit them across various situations in life, including academic presentations and future career opportunities.

Instills Discipline

Participation in our choir program means more than just singing; it instills discipline in children. The structure of regular rehearsals teaches children the importance of showing up on time and being prepared.

By sticking to a practice schedule, children learn to manage their time and prioritize their commitments, which are valuable skills that can help them in school and in life.

Our program promotes a strong work ethic, emphasizing that dedication leads to improvement and success in music and everyday challenges.

Encourages Teamwork

Choir is a team effort, and children learn to work together toward a common goal. Singing in harmony requires communication and coordination with other members of the choir.

By encouraging teamwork, our program fosters a sense of camaraderie and teaches children how to collaborate effectively with others.

Contact Our Music School in Glendora, CA!

Is your child ready to experience the joy of singing in our choir program? If so, contact us now to learn more!

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