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How Many Students?

In past blog posts, we talked a lot about the opportunities that our students have to develop their skills and master different kinds of instruments and music theory. That’s been very orienting for some of our new families, as we’ve heard from people who have come in the door recently, talking about how they found us and how they did their research on local schools.

We have also talked about opportunities for recitals and performances and the group sessions that we offer and all the rest.

Now let's talk about the success that we've had in the Glendora, California area!

Student Enrollment

We've seen student enrollment pick up steadily and smoothly. We are at around 480 students at the present time and are very pleased with these numbers. Overall, we think it shows how our philosophy of business has extended to local families and the relationships that they have with our music instruction school. When people are talking about how they came to Glendora (and to Glendora Music and Arts School), they often mention how much of a long to-do list they had. Having a school that is responsive to parents' schedules and concerns makes the move that much easier.

You can see more evidence of that online, too, with reviews and testimonials, as well as public forums where people meet and talk about their preferred businesses in the area.

One thing people often talk about is our professional approach to music instruction and the resources we have at our studio. We are set up to offer your student customized lessons and care. Drums, guitar, piano - you name it. We have students tickling the keys, jingling the strings, and working hard on all sorts of instruments to create harmonious and jubilant sounds.

We have students who are more geared toward classical work like concertos and arias, and we have students who want to improvise in a jazz style or work on pop music.

Each student gets their own plan and their own attention as they progress…

Also look for special discounts and other offers from Glendora Music and Arts School here in this lovely little CA town, because we value your business and are part of your community!

Additionally, you can see some of our students at work on YouTube videos on the site. That gives you kind of an impression of how things go around here and how we work with your student’s welfare in mind.

Get connected with experienced instructors who love music as much as you and your kid do! That really changes the calculus on what you get out of music instruction. We’ve seen it year after year, as we grow along with our students. Get involved to enrich your child’s life!

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