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What To Expect Your First Singing Lesson

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

If you have enrolled in your first singing lessons, you may be wondering what to expect on your first day. It is normal to be a little anxious about the unknown, especially when it involves your voice. Even the most confident people can experience nervousness about sharing their voice and working with a singing coach to learn how to reach their vocal goals.

One of the primary reasons you may feel particularly vulnerable going into your first singing lesson is that you will be expected to share your voice with a total stranger. However, you must first remember that your voice coach is a professional who thoroughly understands the nuances of the first lesson jitters and sets your mind at ease to have a positive experience.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

As you approach the date of your first singing lesson, here are some things to keep in mind to help you put the day into perspective.

  1. Your vocal coach has most likely gone through a similar process on their singing journey as well; everyone is a beginner at some point.

  2. Any negative opinions of your voice from outside sources are irrelevant to your progression as a vocalist; you are a work in progress.

  3. You are not expected to be perfect on day one; you enroll in singing lessons to advance your technique and build on your talent.

  4. Exercises and instructions are developed to help you progress your vocal ability, not to do the first time correctly, so don’t get frustrated.

Meeting Your Singing Teacher

Whether you have previously met your singing teacher or not, communication with your teacher is essential to a successful first lesson. Be prepared to tell your teacher about yourself, your goals, your perceived vocal strengths and weaknesses, and any aspirations that you may have for yourself or your professional career.

Ask questions about the process and how the lessons will be structured. Your teacher should convey a learning path that measures your successes and strengthens your weaknesses promptly.

Singing For Your Teacher

You have signed up for a singing class, so it is expected that your instructor will want to hear your voice range at your first lesson. Be prepared to go through a host of voice exercises designed to give your teacher a clear understanding of your vocal range so that your lesson plans can reflect accuracy.

Remember, you are taking singing lessons to progress technically and vocally to become better at your craft. This class is your time to work towards your goals with a professional instructor, be as open and honest as possible with yourself and your singing teacher.

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