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Favorite Songs – And More!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

In the last blog post, we talked about the value of not having a long-term commitment for music lessons. We discussed how that's a major concession for some of our families who just don't really know what their budget is going to look like long-term, or who have dynamic and changing needs.

But let's also talk about the ‘meat and potatoes’ of music instruction – what your student encounters when they're in classes at Glendora Music and Arts School, and all of the tools and resources that are at their disposal to help them on their musical journeys. The best music instruction, after all, happens with deliberate care and effort.

A Special Place

To us, a music and art studio is a special place – a place for the community, and a place where people spread their wings and fly.

It's a place where students enrich their lives with learning, and explore the musical world, which is a big and diverse one, with the help of caring instructors, and often some from their peers as well.

One of our taglines says: “learn all your favorite songs fast!” and that's part of what we do here at Glendora Music and Arts School. California is, in some ways, the land of music – kids have a lot of their idols and fan favorites who hail from right around here in Southern California!

We tie that into our curriculum and our locally offered music lessons. We also think about all of the important stages of music instruction, from the very beginning, where a student gets acquainted with an instrument, to later stages like recitals.

Showing Off Skills

We also offer a range of free recitals, which are events that everyone can enjoy. And people do! Our recitals are well-attended and give you a flavor of what we and our students have been able to put together with the right attention to ongoing “showbiz” and performance design.

We think that's a vital part of offering local music instruction – that a family should be able to have a venue to present what a student does to a wider audience.

That's a little more about what we do at Glendora Music and Arts School, but you can find out more by reading the website, looking at the resources and talking to our instructors who are very dedicated to helping students. Come to a place where learning is valued, and students are valued, too!

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