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Gifting 6 months of music lessons to child with cancer

Young boy in piano class Upland CA
Young Kid Piano Lessons Upland

Upland Music Academy is going to be gifting 6 months of music lessons to a child with cancer. This child needs to be living in LA County to qualify. These lessons can be conducted in person at our studio or online via zoom. We can teach voice, piano, guitar, drums, violin, woodwinds or brass. We need your help getting the word out.

Our Director is a former DACA/Dreamer so the struggle and hardship of progressing and winning the fight is something he is very familiar with. Our school was opened 3 years ago and since we opened our mission is to give back to the community and help kids express themselves through music.

From our Director:

"After having grown from 1 student to 500 students in less than 1 year, and subsequently opening up a 2nd location, It is now time to start being more involved with our community and giving children in need the chance to not only learn to play their favorite songs, but to feel AWESOME about who they are because of this."

Luis Cordova (CEO)

Glendora Music and Arts School offers music lessons to students of all ages. We offer private Voice, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Brass, Woodwinds, and group acting.

Luis Cordova CEO

123 N Glendora Ave Glendora Ca

Mobile: 909-374-2856

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