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Music And More At Glendora Arts

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

With nearly 500 students enrolled in our music programs, we nonetheless pay attention to each individual student and their needs. We have a range of programs available, with music lessons and curriculum that will make you proud of your young one’s progress!

Here are some of our most popular programs right now.


If your student is into tickling the ivories, sign up for our piano lessons where he or she can explore what this traditional instrumentation has to offer. There's something about the piano that lends itself to music instruction, and it's then possible to branch out into other instruments, or build a career as the piano player in some established venues.


This is a popular one with the young kids. Guitar is more of a rock and pop oriented instrument than many of the others that we offer instruction for.

It's also a versatile instrument – portable and playable in many different scenarios. Whether it's music circles, an open mic night, or up on the big stage, guitar sets your student up for a lifetime of music learning and enjoyment. There are also different types of guitar – classical, rock and jazz, to name a few.


This program is also very popular, but it's specifically useful for parents with children who need to be physically active and have a lot of energy to get out!

It's not that percussion isn’t a major avenue in music: it is! – drums are important, and there's lots of theory to be learned on a drum set. There's a lot of skill involved. But the point is that this can also be good for a child who doesn't like sitting still and needs to have activities that he or she can focus on, to turn on the whirlwind of behavior that is such a catharsis for this type of personality.


Here, your child's voice takes center stage. Singing is a unique type of musical skill. It's so integrally based on one's own body and sense of tone and technique.

We have specific instructional programs for voice, as well, and many of our students have gone on to great things in this arena.

For more, take a look at the rest of the website and talk to us about our community programs in the local area. Our instructors are passionate about music and teaching, and we have the resources to help your child to excel in their area of focus!

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