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Our YouTube Content Creator Camp

This is an exciting part of what we're doing, and not everybody knows that this is part of our program. But it's exciting for some kids and for some parents, too!

Kids are getting excited about being YouTubers. They're seeing what kind of reach they can have, in a society with unprecedented ability to broadcast their creative projects to the world.

In fact, YouTube content creation is an unusual combination of learning and enjoyment for kids. They're likely to be actively engaged in it, not just begrudgingly signing up for it. In other words, you get "buy-in" from some of the people who matter most!

Here are some of the components of our YouTube camp.

Camera Work

One of the significant elements of YouTube content creation is learning how to work with cameras.

Some of these same skills will also apply to other kinds of camera work. We'll be showing our students more about how to create the best results for visual media. The techniques involved are interesting, and there's the idea of skill-building for the future. But it's a fun process, too!


Any content, including YouTube content, works based on a narrative. But people don't always think about that when they're putting projects together. Our storyboarding component helps students to learn about how this process works.

Think about how to string individual ideas together into a cohesive whole. That's a very artistic process we like to encourage among our students. You can get more detail by talking to instructors and others about how this contributes to our YouTube camp.

Director Skills

We also incorporate elements of teaching young directors the art of managing film.

Again, this is something that many kids are interested in, and it can also have good crossover skills for the future.


Good video happens on the basis of production and editing. So we look at this kind of postproduction work as well.

We also offer early-bird specials for families to get their kids involved in these interesting opportunities. Read up on the website about the YouTube content camp and all of our other exciting programs, and ask us about early registration and enrollment. These camps are filling up! And look at everything else that we do in the community.

Hit the Request Info Button

Want more information? It's easy! Just hit the Request Info button on the website. There are even arrows pointing it out to you as you scroll down! So if you don't feel like picking up the phone or don't have the bandwidth to do a tour right away, hitting that button is an extremely easy way to connect. Think about how your kiddo could benefit from a camp or program at Glendora Music and Arts School!

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