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Value With Local Music Lessons

Students of all ages can benefit from having local music lessons that cater to their preferences and musical journeys and the instruments they are interested in. You can look at the website to see how we serve students with a range of music instruction for different instruments and age levels and skill levels as well as going the extra mile to help families get their kids involved in these kinds of musical enrichment. Sometimes, you have to stand back and listen to the beautiful sounds that these young learners are making, to really appreciate the strides that they take here in mastering music for life.

An Inclusive Atmosphere

Part of our appeal is our experienced instructors and our warm and welcoming atmosphere, for local music lessons in the Glendora area. Families have talked about how helpful it is to have a place to go in the community to prepare their students for a lifetime of success. You can see some of this on the site in the form of nice letters from families who have enrolled one or more children here.

Current Discounts and Giveaways

Here's another incentive to get your kids signed up at Glendora. First there is a current discount of $10 off the first month, as well as a free registration fee with a value of $25.

We’re also giving out a backpack with school supplies to each new student. One of our most awesome ambassadors explains this in a YouTube video embedded on the site. Students get pencils, highlighters, rulers and more for a great new school year as school districts prepare to get back to normal and re-energize for the year ahead!

Free Recitals, Month-to-Month Lessons and More

It's great not to be locked into a long-term commitment, and our families appreciate this. That allows them to have more confidence in how they branch out with young learners, and how these students progress with their instruments.

Drum, bass, woodwinds – your student can learn all of his/her favorite songs fast, in a musical environment that’s made for growth and in the context of a good curriculum that we rely on every day.

We’re all about truly supporting the student where he or she is at. That's a basic part of our business philosophy when it comes to maintaining great music instruction in a community. You're only as good as your reputation in a particular place and we've benefited from building on a great track record with families here. That's something that we don't take for granted, but a driver for practicing along with our students, and building our business the best way every day and continuing to innovate in musical instruction! The site is our way to keep in touch with families, so come back and bookmark us, and spend time discovering what we do for our kids!

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